Members’ Articles and Writings on Climate Action:

Pacific labour mobility and the existential threat of climate change by Diplomats for Climate Action Now member Peter Hooton (former High Commissioner to Solomon Islands) was published in the Lowy Interpreter on 21 June 2022. In this article Peter writes that "the new Australian Labor government’s commitment to listen more closely to its island neighbours is welcome, as are its Pacific labour mobility initiatives". He argues that in addition to the Pacific Engagement Visa (capped at 3,000 visas annually) Australia should consider offering a new climate change quota beyond this cap for particularly vulnerable Pacific island states. This would signal a serious commitment to jointly addressing the challenges of climate change, especially for those states whose existence is threatened by rising sea levels. This will be an interesting and difficult debate for Australia, but a debate that we need to have.

Solomons security pact: Sogavare, China and Australia, by Peter Hooton (former High Commissioner to Solomon Islands) published in the Lowy Interpreter on 21 April 2022. Peter emphasises that Australia's greatest foreign policy failure - ever - is actually its failure to address (at both a national and international level) climate change, which poses the gravest single threat to the future viability of Pacific island countries as sovereign states.

"Australian action on climate change and why our national security and future prosperity rely on it", by Janaline Oh, published in the Canberra Times on 18th April 2022. This article highlights the nexus between climate change, national security and our future prosperity, and emphasises that climate change is a global issue requiring international collaboration and urgent global action.

"Climate change in the Pacific: what Australia needs to do" by Peter Hooton, in the Lowy Interpreter, 24th March 2022.

"The Glasgow Climate Change Conference: What Next for Climate Finance?" by Dr Ruth Adler, in the official blog of the International Law Association (Australian Branch), 6th Jan 2022.

"Why diplomats are so concerned about climate change", by Richard Mathews Convenor of Diplomats for Climate Action Now, in the Canberra Times, 14th December 2021.

"Australia, Indonesia and Climate Change" by Richard Mathews, in the Lowy Interpreter, 20th October 2021.