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8 December 2023


Diplomats for Climate, together with Climate Energy Finance, Rewiring Australia, the Smart Energy Council and the Climate Capital Forum, published an open letter outlining the reasons that nuclear power will not deliver the emissions reductions and energy security Australia needs before 2030.

5 December 2023


Guardian Australia published an article on the Diplomats for Climate Future Gas Strategy submission, outlining our argument that unilateral curbs on Australian production are likely just to be substituted by other countries. If we want to stop exporting emissions from Australia, we need to deal with demand in our trading partners. In the first instance, Australia needs to open an honest conversation with Japan about energy security in a decarbonised world. Spoiler alert - carbon capture and storage of expanded fossil fuels isn't it.

22 April 2022

Diplomats for Climate Action Now issued a media release titled Australia's inaction on climate change is costing us friends and influence in the Pacific. Given the current debate over the Solomon Islands-China security agreement it is timely to emphasise that Australia’s position on climate change, especially its refusal to increase emission reduction commitments at the last COP in Glasgow, has contributed to our declining standing among our neighbours in the Pacific. The single gravest threat to the viability of Pacific Islands as sovereign states is climate change.

12 April 2022

Joint media release from Alliance of Australian Professionals calling on the incoming Prime Minister of Australia to provide decisive leadership and take immediate action on climate change so as to secure the health and safety of all Australians. In collaboration with four other key climate action groups Diplomats for Climate Action Now calls upon the future government to make climate action the government's top priority, and to mobilise all necessary resources to decarbonise our economy and work collaboratively with international partners to limit global heating to well below 2 degrees Celsius.

7 Dec 2021

Media release from Diplomats for Climate Action Now announcing the launch of A Climate-Focused Foreign Policy for Australia, which provides a pathway for Australia to develop a new foreign policy fit to meet the challenges of the future where climate change has become front and centre of international discourse.

31 Oct 2021

Media release from Diplomats for Climate Action Now announcing an open letter to the PM and cabinet welcoming the government's commitment to net zero emissions by 2050 but expressing serious concerns that the government had refused to strengthen Australia’s target to cut emissions by 2030. The letter also called on the government to immediately review Australia's foreign, trade and development policies so as to give high priority to climate change.

26 Sep 2021

Media release from Australian Conservation Foundation announcing an open letter from 70 former Australian diplomats to the PM and cabinet, calling on the government to commit to net zero emissions by 2050 and take stronger climate action by 2030 ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow in November 2021.