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We are former Australian diplomats, and foreign, trade and development policy officers who are concerned about the effects of climate change on future generations and future life on this planet. 

We call on the Australian government to make climate action a central focus of Australia's foreign, trade and development policies. 

Our Climate-Focused Foreign Policy for Australia would see Australia take an international leadership role in meeting the global challenge of climate change. Our policy highlights the nexus between foreign and domestic policy: weak domestic climate policies reduce our influence in international fora and undermine our ability to achieve Australia’s foreign, trade and investment, political and security objectives.

We call on the Government to:

Accelerate the energy transition to low- or zero-carbon generation

Support nature-based greenhouse gas abatement

Join global efforts to limit emissions of other greenhouse gases, including methane and nitrous oxide

Support our development partners to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonise their economies

Ensure all of our foreign, trade and development policies are consistent with Paris Agreement goals

Embed greenhouse gas emissions reductions into Australia’s representative offices and programs both in Australia and overseas.