Media coverage

Here is a list of media coverage and interviews regarding our advocacy on climate action.



Month Media Headline
September 2022 Canberra Times Australia's export job opportunities are in the global green economy


June 2022

Lowy Interpreter

Canberra Times

Pacific labour mobility and the existential threat of climate change

National security and future prosperity rely on climate action


April 2022

 Dip4CAN Press release

Canberra Times

Canberra Times

Australia's inaction on climate change is costing us friends and influence in the Pacific

Solomons security pact: Sogavare, China and Australia

Australian action on climate change and why our national security and future prosperity rely on it

March 2022 Lowy Interpreter Climate change in the Pacific - what Australia needs to do
Feb 2022

Speech to AIIA NSW

Lowy Interpreter

Why Australia should be a global leader in climate action (text of the speech to AIIA) NSW)

Transforming Australian diplomacy for climate leadership

Jan 2022 ILA Reporter

The Glasgow Climate Change Conference: What next for climate finance? 

Dec 2021 Canberra Times Why diplomats are worried about climate change
Nov 2021 Hamilton Locke New Energy Insights Interview with Hamilton Locke on their New Energy Experts Insights Blog
Sep 2021 Canberra Times Aust risks reputation as reliable ally because of net zero stance: former diplomats
  Guardian Australia Ex-diplomats warn Morrison govt inertia on climate ‘undermines our credibility as a regional partner’
  The Australian Diplomats call on Coalition to scale up emissions goals
  AAP Australia hurting reputation with climate change policy ‘inertia’
  The Mandarin Australian diplomats underscore need to commit to time-bound zero emissions targets
  ABC RN Breakfast News headlines mentions diplomats’ letter
  ABC NewsRadio News headlines mentions diplomats’ letter
  ABC South West Vic News headlines mentions diplomats’ letter
  Radio 97 and other Super Network News stations Radio news story on diplomats’ letter
  SBS Radio Radio news story on diplomats’ letter
  2SM Sydney Radio news story mentions diplomats’ letter 
  7News Prime Minister flies into fight with the Coalition over climate policy 
  WIN News Canberra Former diplomats’ call to action