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  • Pathways to Australia's 2035 climate targets

    14 May 2024

    We submitted this response to the Climate Change Authority's issues paper on Targets, Pathways and Progress towards the Government's 2035 emissions reduction targets. In our response, we argue the Government can take a much more active role in encouraging faster decarbonisation in our major energy markets through multilateral, regional and bilateral engagement. Australia as a major fossil fuel exporter can play an important role in driving a faster transition in our trade and development partners.

  • Future Gas Strategy - response

    9 May 2024

    We issued this statement on the Future Gas Strategy, expressing disappointment that the Government's approach to gas supply did not take into account the significant role Australia can and should play in reducing demand for gas in our major trading partners by encouraging them to accelerate their domestic decarbonisation.

  • Agriculture and land sector climate plan

    5 January 2024

    We submitted to the Agriculture and Land Sector Climate Plan that the Government needs to address the biggest source of land sector emissions, namely clearing of native vegetation either for native forest logging or for pasture. Given growing international demand for high quality, high integrity carbon and biodiversity credits, the Government has the opportunity to create an export industry based on recognising and rewarding natural capital values. This could fund significant land restoration while boosting and diversifying Australian exports.

  • 'No new coal and gas' won't reduce emissions - diplomacy will

    18 December 2023

    We published an opinion piece in the Canberra Times explaining how 'no new coal and gas' won't by itself reduce emissions. We need diplomacy to reduce demand in our trading partners, starting with our biggest bilateral energy partner, Japan. Here's the text of the article.

  • Nuclear power is not a timely solution for Australia

    8 December 2023

    With Climate Energy Finance, the Smart Energy Council, Rewiring Australia and the Climate Capital Forum, we published an open letter outlining the reasons that nuclear energy is not a solution that will deliver emissions reductions and energy security within the timeframe needed to meet our climate goals. Because Australia has never had nuclear power, the time required to build up the technical, regulatory and workforce skills, as well as the legislative framework and social licence, will take us far beyond 2030. Moreover, nuclear power is far more costly than currently available alternatives, notably renewable energy.


  • Only diplomacy can stop Australia's exported emissions

    5 December 2023

    Our submission on the future gas strategy was written up in Guardian Australia, in a significant article outlining our argument that unilateral curbs on Australian production are likely just to be substituted by other countries. If we want to stop exporting emissions from Australia, we need to deal with demand in our trading partners. In the first instance, Australia needs to open an honest conversation with Japan about energy security in a decarbonised world. Spoiler alert - carbon capture and storage of expanded fossil fuels isn't it.

  • Future Gas Strategy submission

    11 November 2023


    Diplomats for Climate Action has submitted a proposal to the Government's consultation on the Future Gas Strategy to embark on an active diplomatic strategy to encourage our major gas trading partners (Japan, China and Korea) to decarbonise their domestic energy with a view to substantially phasing down their reliance on Australian gas. We support the idea that Australia should continue to be a major energy supplier into the future; we would like the energy supplied to shift from fossil fuels to clean energy.

  • Five reforms to unlock finance for decarbonisation

    10 June 2023

    The Canberra Times published a summary version of the position as an opinion piece. See our publications page for the text version.

    6 June 2023

    In this joint position paper with Tim Buckley of Climate Energy Finance, Janaline Oh proposes five reforms to investment rules that the Government can implement to unlock the finance needed for Australia's energy transformation.

  • Why Australia and Indonesia should build a climate and energy partnership

    26 April 2023

    Founder and President Richard Mathews argues in this piece for a comprehensive partnership between Australia and Indonesia on climate and energy. Richard points out the synergies available between the countries on renewable energy potential and the depth and breadth of our bilateral relationship, which provides a solid basis for both countries to benefit from closer cooperation on a common global threat.

  • A new focus for Australia's aid program

    12 December 2022

    Alan March published an opinion piece in the Canberra Times on 12 December calling for a new focus for the Australian aid program on climate finance and climate adaptation. Alan argues that a climate-focused aid program will be an asset rather than a cost to Australia, and that we can leverage our advantages in disaster response and recovery, and in our strong regional relationships to deliver an aid program that benefits Australia, our development partners and the planet. (Here is a downloaded copy).